ProtoSpace offers full-service (non-structural only) welding capabilities within our base leadtime of 2-3 days, with no minimum order required.

We use two welding processes: fiber laser welding and cold-metal transfer welding (a more controlled derivative of wire-fed MIG welding).


Welding Processes Offered at ProtoSpace:

Welding Process Description
Seam Welding Continuously joining two or more pieces of sheet metal so that they appear seamless
Spot Welding Permanently join two pieces of metal in one or more spots, leaving little trace of the joint
Tack Welding Performed in the same manner as seam welding, but in discrete segments. Typically used for positioning and securing metals for welding
Plug Welding Round weld or slot that is made inside of an existing cutout, creating a stronger and more durable hold
Fillet Welding Joining two pieces of metal together that are perpendicular or at an angle (often used for connecting flanges, welding cross sections, etc)
Minimum Material Thickness
Steel – 20 Gage (0.036” | 0.91mm)

Stainless Steel – 20 Gage (0.038” | 0.95mm)

Galvanneal - 20 Gage (0.040” | 1.01mm)

Aluminum – 14 Gage (0.064” | 1.63mm)

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