Custom Panels

Get your custom panels in 2-3-days, with no minimum order required.

At ProtoSpace, we offer custom sheet metal panels, annunciator panel lenses and pelican panels/cases. All available in a wide variety of dimensions and configurations.

Annunciator Panel
Annunciator Panel with wording

Sheet Metal Panels

ProtoSpace makes it easy to get your custom sheet metal panels with our fast and flexible one-stop shop experience. Custom cutouts are included, alongside fasteners, handles and other accessories you may need, all built-in by us.

Your panels can be made from several types of stocked materials, and are fully customizable by finish, graphics and permanent marking, while remaining RoHS compliant.

Annunciator Panel

Annunciator Panel Lenses

Manufactured using smoked plexiglass, ProtoSpace Annunciator Panel Lenses are fully customizable to your requirements and specifications. We offer both digital print (unlimited color options) and silkscreen (16 stocked colors - with the ability to source non-stock options at your request).

Annunciator Panel
Annunciator Panel

Pelicans Panels/Cases

Custom Pelican cases and their corresponding panel frame kits are fully customizable by material, finish, graphics and permanent marking. They fall under our 2-3-day nominal lead time and are fully RoHS compliant. Custom cutouts, fasteners and hardware can be added to your design and will be integrated during our dynamic manufacturing process. Finishes, graphics and labeling options are available.

Annunciator Panel

Designed for You, by You

Did you know that you can design your own custom panel for specific Pelican cases and their corresponding panel frame kits using our free CAD software, Protocase Designer? It’s easy, you start with a template and then add custom cutouts, fasteners, hardware, finishes and graphics to meet your exact specifications. From there, your design will be manufactured in 2-3 days, with no minimum order required. This also applies to your custom sheet metal panels too.

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