ProtoSpace offers passivation as an in-house finish that’s part of our fast 2–3-day base leadtime.

ProtoSpace adheres to the ASTM A967 standards with our Passivation Finish



ProtoSpace offers passivation as a default for all of its stocked stainless-steel products

We would automatically apply passivation to any non-stock stainless steel projects as well. If you require a type of stainless steel that we do not currently stock, we can order it for you from within our sophisticated system of quick-turn suppliers. Contact us to discuss.


We are able to process stainless steel parts for passivation, so long as they do not exceed our maximum


43.5" L x 30.5" W x 45" H (1104.9mm x 774.7mm x 762mm)

Note: Over time, stainless steel parts that have been passivated can have the appearance of rust. However, these spots are simply deposits - you can wipe them off by using vinegar on a lint-free non-abrasive cloth.


Passivation meets ASTM A967 specification.

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