Media Blasting

Media Blasting is offered at ProtoSpace as a standard finish within our fast 2–3-day leadtime.

Your part is deburred and cleaned, then sprayed with a steady stream of tiny glass beads via compressed air. The end result is a smooth, bright finish that’s flat and non directional.

Media Blasting is excellent for machined parts, and can be done on sheet metal parts. Large, thin sheet metal should be avoided in order to avoid warpage.

media blasting


Aluminum, Stainless Steel and Copper

Size Constraints:

• Maximum part size: 6” x 6”x 6” (152.4mm x 152.4mm x 152.4mm)
• Minimum part size: Part must have at least one dimension that exceeds 2” (50.8mm)

Additional Finishes & Marking:

• Finishes: Chemical Film Conversion, Anodizing and Passivation
• Graphics: Digital Print and Silkscreened
• Part Marking: Engrave and Fill, Laser Marking and Rubber Stamping


• We recommend handling with gloves in order to avoid staining or smudging the parts
• As media blasting is a manual process, results may vary in terms of uniformity, especially when anodizing will be applied to your media-blasted part

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