Chemical Conversion Coating - "Chem Film"

Meet your critical deadlines and requirements by sourcing fully finished aluminum parts with ProtoSpace, offering in-house chemical conversion coating.

ProtoSpace qualifies its process to pass the requirements of MIL-DTL-5541F Type 2 Class 1A & 3, and -81706B.

chem film conversion

What Do We Coat

ProtoSpace will process:

Aluminum parts, panels and enclosures that have been manufactured in our own facilities

Aluminum parts that have been fabricated or machined elsewhere, so long as they meet our dimension constraints

Size Restrictions

We are able to process aluminum parts with maximum dimensions of 30" x 30" x 45" (760mm x 760mm x 1140mm).

Lead Times

With ProtoSpace-fabricated parts, because the coating is done in-house, chemical conversion coating can be applied to enclosures and parts within 1 day. This means we can offer fully fabricated and finished sheet metal enclosures and components with chemical conversion coating, in as little as 3-4 days.

Finishes Before Chem Film Coating

We do not recommend applying Chemical Conversion Coating to unfinished aluminum parts.

For the best end result, we recommend choosing Grained Finish or Vibratory Finish for your aluminum parts before they are treated with chemical conversion coating.


• RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive)
• ELV (End of Life Vehicle Directive)
• WEEE (Waste, Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive)
• OSHA Hexavalent Chromium PEL (Permissible Exposure Limit)
• REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals)
• EO 13148 (Executive Order)
• MIL-DTL-5541F, class 1A and class 3*
• MIL-DTL-81706B*

*ProtoSpace meets the requirements of MIL-DTL-5541F and MIL-DTL-81706B.


ProtoSpace uses Chemeon TCP-HF®. The coating subtly changes the appearance of the surface, which exhibits nearly clear iridescence, with a subtle gold to violet tint.

Chemeon TCP-HF® is an environmentally friendly trivalent chromium formulation, free of toxic and dangerous hexavalent chromium. Chemeon TCP-HF® conforms to a wide variety of environmental and workplace safety regulations, such as RoHS, WEEE, ELV, REACH and the OSHA PEL.


Aluminum parts with Chemical Conversion Coating can have graphics in the form of direct digital printing and silkscreen

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