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Can be inserted for mounting circuit boards



Used to accept bolts or screws



Used for mounting connectors and other components

Flush Head vs Concealed Head

Flush-head fasteners are mechanically pressed through a hole in sheet metal to provide a solid fastening point.

There will be slight indentation around the fastener in the material where the fastener sits. Thiscan be made less noticeable when using textured powdercoat. We are also able to buff the fastener to make the indentation even less detectable if requested.

The height of a flush-head fastener is measured from the outside of the enclosure's surface.

Concealed-head fasteners are instead mechanically pressed into a pocket (created by a CNC router or CNC mill) in the sheet metal. Because it is not a through-hole fastening point, the fastener is not detectable whatsoever on the exterior surface of the sheet metal.

The height of a concealed-head fasteners is measured from the inside surface of the part into which the fastener is inserted.

Concealed-head fasteners are the ideal option for enclosures that need to be watertight or air-tight, as there is no through-hole.

Because concealed-head fasteners require a pocket for insertion, there are material minimum thicknesses that must be considered:

18 gauge
0.078" | 1.98 mm
Stainless Steel
14 gauge
0.078" | 1.98 mm
Cold Rolled Steel
14 gauge
0.075" | 1.91 mm
12 gauge
0.081" | 2.06 mm

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