Self Clinching Blind-Threaded Fasteners

Non-stock fasteners must be ordered in a minimum quantity and are subject to vendor availability and may extend manufacturing lead times.

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Blind-Threaded Fasteners

Stocked Self Clinching Blind-Threaded Fasteners:

CSS-440-3 CSS-632-4 CHA-440-4 CHC-440-4 CHC-632-8
CSS-440-4 CSS-632-5 CHA-440-8 CHC-440-6 CHC-632-12
CSS-440-5 CSS-632-6 CHA-632-4 CHC-440-8 CHC-632-16
CSS-440-6 CSS-632-8 CHA-632-8 CHC-632-4 CHC-832-16
CSS-440-8 CSS-832-4 CHA-440-12 CHC-632-6 CHC-832-8
CSS-M3-8 CHC-832-12

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