CNC Milling

Solve problems, meeting critical deadlines and avoid penalties with ProtoSpace CNC Milling. We are a full-service machining shop with ultra-fast base leadtimes of 2-3 days.

CNC milled part

Lead Time:

Parts are graded on a complexity scale. Parts with low complexity will have a leadtime of 2-3 days. As complexity increases, the leadtime ranges from 2-5 days. High-complexity parts will have a leadtime ranging between 5 and 15 days.

Our Capabilities:

5-Axis Milling

3-Axis Milling

Work Envelope:

5 and 3 Axis Machining - 40” x 22” x 20” (1016mm x 558.8mm x 508mm)

Other Considerations - Due to tooling reach, the deepest pocket we can machine in an enclosure is 5.75" (146.05mm).
The maximum area of work could be reduced or expanded, depending on the dimensions of required tooling, as well as the specific features required. Contact us to discuss your specific project.

Specifications & Constraints:

Sheet Metal

The maximum size sheet metal parts we are able to mill in a single setup in our 5-Axis Machinery is 42" x 24" x 20" (1066.8mm x 609.6mm x 508mm).

For our 3-Axis Machining, we can accommodate up to 25.75" x 15.75" (654mm x 400mm).

Bar Stock

Our bar stock ranges from 10-20 feet in length that we can cut to size. The machine used will dictate the size constraint for bar stock.

For 3-Axis, the maximum length of bar stock in a single setup is 24" (609.60mm).

5-Axis mills can accommodate a maximum length of bar stock 42" (1066.8mm).

Corner Radius
Feature DepthMinimum RadiusRecommended Minimum Radius
0.470" | 11.938mm
0.016" | 0.406mm
0.031" | 0.787mm
0.750" | 19.05mm
0.032" | 0.813mm
0.063" | 1.6mm
2.000" | 50.8mm
0.063" | 1.6mm
0.094" | 2.388mm
3.000" | 76.2mm
0.125" | 3.175mm
0.150" | 3.81mm
3.250" | 82.55mm
0.250" | 6.35mm
0.275" | 6.985mm
4.250" | 107.95mm
0.300" | 7.62mm
0.325" | 8.255mm

We can sometimes accommodate even smaller corner radii. However, you will encounter depth limitations, material removal rates and increases in tool breakage rates, thus raising the cost of the part. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Non-Stock Requests

We have a sophisticated system for sourcing non-stock materials and items from quick-turn suppliers.

If you require a material, finish or component that we do not currently stock, contact us.

We can source what you need in order to keep your project moving and meet your accelerated timelines.

Let's Get Started

We believe the onboarding process should be as simple and hassle-free as possible.

Our team can process all of your paperwork to get the ball rolling in order to serve your custom manufacturing needs.