The International Traffic in Arms Regulation, also known as ITAR, is a set of United States government regulations that control the manufacturing and exporting activities of defense services. ITAR regulations dictate that information and material pertaining to defense and military-related technologies (for items listed on the U.S. Munitions List) may only be shared with U.S. persons unless authorization from the Department of State is received or a special exemption is used.


The Controlled Goods Program (CGP) strengthens Canada's defense trade controls through the mandatory registration and regulation of businesses and individuals who examine, possess and/or transfer controlled goods, including ITAR items, in Canada. The United States government officially recognizes CGP as a Canadian equivalent program to ITAR. Because ProtoSpace is CGP-certified, U.S. companies can share ITAR-restricted information with CGP-cleared ProtoSpace employees. As an ITAR- and CGP-compliant company, ProtoSpace strictly adheres to the required rules and regulations for each program:

All ProtoSpace employees receive training on ITAR policies.

All meetings on an ITAR project are screened for authorized personnel.

CGP-cleared employees are granted access to ITAR-related data on a project-by-project basis.

ITAR projects have secured file and documentation locations, and are only accessible by authorized employees.

Contact your ProtoSpace account manager for more details about our compliancy with ITAR and CGP.

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