Custom Copper Bus Bars


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Custom Copper Bus Bars

Fun fact: The term “bus bar” comes from the Latin word omnibus, which translates to “for all” in English.

And when you think about it, that makes sense, since bus bars carries all of the currents.

Here at ProtoSpace Mfg, we custom manufacture copper bus bars, which are formed strips of copper for distributing current, mounting components and dissipating heat.

These bus bars are often put into a custom enclosure or a board so that it distributes a significant amount of current.

These copper bus bars can be part of a fully custom enclosure design, or a standalone part.

When it comes to custom copper bus bars from ProtoSpace Mfg, there are a few key things to know. Read on to learn about copper bus bar lead times, material, bend constraints, fasteners, finishes and more.

Copper Bus Bar Lead Times

We know your time is valuable, and you need your custom parts made quickly so you can keep your projects and development on track. Similar to our custom enclosures, panels and parts, we can make your copper bus bars in 2-3 days, and in whatever quantity you need. (And if you have time, our Economy service might be ideal, especially if you are looking for the most cost-effective option).

Copper Material Key Facts

We stock copper alloy C110, which is a general-purpose copper alloy designated in ASTM standard B152. Copper C110 has very high connectivity and offers excellent formability, which makes it an awesome choice for electrical and electronic applications.

To offer you ample choice for your custom copper bus bars and specific project requirements, we offer five different thickness options for C110 copper:

If you need another thickness that we do not stock, let us know – we can likely order it as a non-stock item, for additional lead time and cost.

Bending Guidelines for Copper Bus Bars

C110 copper offers excellent formability, so that means there is a fair amount of flexibility for creating the bus bar you require for your specific need.

When it comes to bending copper, our machinery and tooling dictates certain minimum bend dimensions and bend radii that are possible.

Fastener Guidelines for Copper Bus Bars

If you opt to have fasteners in your custom copper bus bar, we recommend sticking with stainless steel self-clinching fasteners for two specific reasons:

For these two reasons, stainless fasteners, specifically self-clinching fasteners, are your best bet for custom copper bus bars.

Finishing Options for Copper Bus Bars

Usually, bus bars are left unfinished. Why? Because you are typically looking for the most electrical conductivity possible.

Copper that is left unfinished will then oxidize and lose color and turns to patina, which is a thin green layer on the surface. Think of an old penny.

A copper bus bar will develop a similar greenish tone as it ages.

What if you don’t want your copper bus bar to patina? There are a few options:

Tin Plating: This is a simple immersion technique that deposits pure tin onto the copper. Once tin plating is completed, the bus bar has improved corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity and solderability. One important note – a third-party supplier completes tin plating for us, which means there will be an additional lead time and cost.

Powdercoat: You can opt for powdercoating your copper bus bars, but powdercoating will affect the bus bar’s electrical conductivity. To get around this issue, you’re going to need to specify the contact areas where you would like masking applied. When you do that, the entire bus bar won’t be powdercoated, and the areas in which you need electrical conductivity will be left bare.

Resicoat: We also offer two resicoat options - Resicoat® EL HGD47QF ECA-1283 Red 3332 and Resicoat® EL HNF35QF ECB-1363A Black 2701. Resicoat is a brand of epoxy powder coating. It is used in a wide range of electrical, mechanical and chemical applications. Applying resicoat to your part or enclosure is part of our in-house services, and can be completed within our fast 2-3 day lead time.


We can make your custom copper bus bars in any quantity that you require, either as a standalone order or as a part of a larger build that you want to complete.

Remember to keep our minimum bend radius recommendations in mind and to stick with stainless steel self-clinching fasteners at all times possible.

Want to get a price quote for your custom copper bus bar design? Submit your design through our Request-a-Quote portal – our team will assess your design and provide you a price quote for whatever quantity you need.

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