About Us

ProtoSpace Mfg is a division of Protocase Incorporated.

Long supplier lead times have become the norm in the Aerospace and Defense industry, which is why we launched ProtoSpace Mfg. These long lead times extend your projects, complicates scheduling, and drains your focus and momentum. Slower projects cost more, and this is a drag on your organization’s overall success.

We don’t think that’s right. So, we set out to implement Protocase’s unique mass custom manufacturing system into a division solely focused on Aerospace and Defense.

We can make your components, parts and enclosures in a lightning-fast 2–3-day nominal lead time, while checking all of your other boxes, including AS9100, traceability and ITAR compliance.

ProtoSpace Mfg FAQs

What is the difference between ProtoSpace Mfg and Protocase?

ProtoSpace Mfg carries all of the speed, flexibility and ease of Protocase, with the specialized expertise and documentation that is required in the aerospace and defense industry.

Specifically, ProtoSpace Mfg carries all of the certifications and standards needed for many aerospace and defense projects including:

• AS9100D
• Traceability & Inspections
• ITAR and Canadian Controlled Goods Program

Why did you create ProtoSpace Mfg?

More than 20 years ago, Protocase revolutionized the prototyping and innovation sphere with its advanced mass custom manufacturing for electronic enclosures. From the beginning, we offered a lightning-fast lead time of 2-3 days, with no minimum order.

Over time, we evolved based on our customers’ needs and expanded to custom sheet metal parts, CNC machining and 3D printing.

With this expansion, we organically acquired aerospace and defense customers, despite not yet checking all of their boxes. However, as our customer base and their demands grew, we worked tirelessly to become AS9100D certified. We broadened our offerings by becoming ITAR and Canadian Goods Program compliant.

Over time, we found that customers who didn’t require these standards and certifications preferred to avoid the additional processes. At the same time, our customers in aerospace and defense did require these standards and certifications, and needed a more tailored experience. Our customers have always come first, so something had to change.

This is why we created ProtoSpace Mfg. It is the perfect home for aerospace and defense, transforming our current and new aerospace and defense customers to a new world of speed, agility and lower overall project costs.

What do you make with ProtoSpace Mfg?

ProtoSpace Mfg offers full-service CNC machining and sheet-metal fabrication. With our lightning-fast nominal lead time of 2-3 days and host of in-suite finishes, marking and graphics, we can make a wide variety of parts and enclosures to your exact specifications. Our offerings include, but are certainly not limited to:

• Custom Enclosures for Avionics, Ground and Test Systems
• Non-critical Space and Payload Parts
• Parts for Robotics and Rovers
• Production, MRO/AOG Tooling and Components
• Components for Cube Sats
• Parts and Enclosures for Prototyping and Experimental Projects
• Annunciator Panel Lenses

Do I have to work with ProtoSpace Mfg, or can I continue using Protocase as I have been?

If you work in aerospace and defense, and your organization’s projects require AS9100D, traceability or inspections, ProtoSpace Mfg is the best fit for your needs.

With ProtoSpace Mfg, you will have a dedicated account manager who keenly understands all of the unique requirements for your industry. The onboarding process is simple, so that you can very quickly start sourcing parts and transform your organization to a new world of speed, agility and lower overall project costs.

If Protocase is serving your needs and helping you streamline your workflow, then you absolutely can continue to use Protocase for all of your custom parts and enclosures.

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